Imagination Connoisseur, Adam Gibson, gives us his unique view on how the WandaVision show that streamed last year on Disney+ ties in with the upcoming feature film, DR. STRANGE AND THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. It’s pretty quick, so you better pay attention.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Utah-born, Colorado import. Adam Spencer Gibson told us he lost both of his parents early in his childhood and was taken in and raised by his grandparents.  With parents who were both science fiction fans, Adam was perhaps destined to be an Imagination Connoisseur his entire life.

Looking at Dr. Strange’s Multiverse of Madness through some WandaVision goggles.

by Adam Spencer Gibson

I remember Robert Meyer Burnett’s first appearance on AMC Movie Talk.

It felt like a cool new kid came by the lunch table – happy to hang out for a few, but had better things to get onto. I came across John Campea and his various cohosts because I was wanted to make sure that Phillip Seymour Hoffman had actually passed away: Willie Nelson dying from playing “On the Road Again” and some dubious Abraham Lincoln quotes made me do some research.

I really enjoy Rob’s measured take on film and current events. I appreciate that he encourages heterodox thinking. We all need reminders of “how” to think as opposed to “what” to think. Rob walks that line very well. 

Why aren’t more people talking about the Ralph Bohner controversy in WandaVision?

I haven’t heard much in regards to the Ralph Bohner controversy in WandaVision. Evan Peters’ portrayal in the inaugural Marvel series was THEE mic drop moment of all the MCU Disney plus series this year.

I maintain that Ralph Bohner could, in fact, be Quick Silver.

Everyone in Westview – apart from (and including) Agatha – had a pseudonym. My hypothesis is that between Loki and SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, we aren’t getting to see behind the curtain. That being said, the “how” or “why” is beyond me.

Not just any, ol’ Quick Silver

Perhaps Wanda has already uttered her “NO MORE MUTANTS” moment and we’ve all forgotten it. Maybe Agatha pulled him out of the multi-verse and he is “a” Quick Silver, but not “the” Quick Silver featured in the MCU.

Given that we’ve salivated at three different Spider-Men, from three continuities, I don’t think its too far fetched that a stud from “The Mare of East Town” could still be a Quick Silver in a world that has multi-verses.

The beads he was wearing served as mind control and he had his mutant speed.

So, have I missed something? Anything?

– Adam

Editor’s Note: Check out Wanda Maximoff in the latest DR. STRANGE AND THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS promotional spot, below …


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