Let’s get social.

Building a community is what The Burnettwork is all about. And making sure that community is friendly, inviting and easy to navigate is the key to its success.

As an Imagination Connoisseur of the Post-Geek Singularity, it’s important you’re able to find the information you need and connect with peoplewho share your interests. That’s why we’re so careful curating, developing and managing our social media accounts.

We’re always experimenting with new ideas on social media and attempting to build fun, interesting and exciting areas online where all Imagination Connoisseurs can enjoy each other and each others’ creative endeavours.


Our Facebook (FB) accounts include:

The Burnettwork Page – this is where we post general announcements about The Burnettwork and provide links to new contests, letters, reviews and more. For those who don’t want to subscribe to our Program Guide, this might be a good alternative.

The Post-Geek Singularity Group – the largest of our online communities. Content is posted by members (several hundred posts a week), providing an almost constant flow of geeky goodness we can all enjoy.

Elysaviews: WINE-ning About Movies Group – meet, discuss and share thoughts on Rob and Lys’s shows, pitch movie recommendations to the hosts, and schedule “watch parties” of upcoming features to be discussed on the stream later in the week.

Fully Articulated Group – celebrate RMB’s show about toys, action figures and collectibles from the world of genre entertainment. We’re always on the lookout for collectors and hobbyists interested in sharing photos of their collections, too.

Let’s Get Physical Media Group – Rob and co-host Dieter Bastain (from Saarbrüken, Deutschland) talk about physical media, share their recent finds and answe questions from Imagination Connoisseurs. Collectors are encouraged to post photos of their favorite media and ask questions via Facebook, too.

3-Word Reviews Group – Imagination Connoisseurs are asked to provide their review (in just three words) of a new TV show, series or movie every day. Each entry counts toward our weekly $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.


The Burnettwork on Twitter – Looking for updates on The Burnettwork and the news we’re following from the world(s) of genre enterainment? This is where you’ll get a steady stream of news headlines and more to slake your thirst for geek-news.

Robert Meyer Burnett on Twitter – A rollicking good time (sometimes with a dash of controversy thrown in for good measure), Rob tweets about all things social, political and geek. Not always “safe for work” but always “a good time” … if you get what we mean.


The Burnettwork on Instagram – We’re new to Instagram, so you won’t find much. For starters, we’re using it to share images from our various promotions (like the 3-Word Reviews, IICFF and more). But stay tuned for Instagram-oriented promotions designed to let our Imagination Connoisseurs show off their talents when it comes to photography and short-form videos!

Robert Meyer Burnett on Instagram – Rob’s personal Instagram feed is filled with digital goodness of RMB when he’s NOT in the Robservatory. Also included are “probably” too many pictures of Gilbert and Talulah, RMB’s canine partners in crime and if not actual “crime”, then just disturbing the peace (damn squirrels).

The future of The Burnettwork on Social Media

Where will we go next? Who knows.

But understand this, we are looking at some more exciting opportunities on additional platforms. As the community grows and diversifies, we’re bound to open up new frontiers.

We hope you’ll join us when we do.

One last thing …

When it comes to what we expect from Imagination Connoisseurs on our social media channels, we’ve tried to sum it all up in our Code of Conduct. We also have multiple moderators who spend time on every board and with every account, every day – all to make sure the conversations remain friendly, the spirit light and the topics relevant.

But, sometimes we make a mistake.

If you feel we’re missing something or that some members of a social community are violating our standards, please report it and a moderator will address it as soon as possible. If you feel you’ve been banned or removed from a social media channel unfairly, you can click here and fill out a complaint form to let us know. All appeals are reviewed within 24 hours of their receipt.

We can’t make this communities work without your help. Your assistance and understanding is greatly appreciated.