Say it in seven words and you could win $100.

Each month, we’ll be asking Imagination Connoisseurs to chime in with their funniest, wittiest, snarkiest comments about a new photo and question we’ll post each day to our website.  Then, on the seventh day of the next month, we’ll announce the winner of the prior month’s “Seven Words or Less Challenge” and that lucky person will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

But, of course, it’s not that simple (it never is). We’ve spelled out the rules in more detail below: 

Contest Rules

1.  Each morning, around 7am Central Time, we will post a new photo and question to our “Seven Words or Less” blog.

2.  You will be able to use the form on the page to submit your response to our question (in seven words or less).

3.  You can submit as many responses as you want every day.

4.  We will select up to five superior responses and share them with our “Friends” in the PGS Community on YouTube and ask them to select one as that day’s winner.

5.  The “winning” response will be posted (in the form of a meme) to the next day’s blog post.

6.  The meme will also be shared on the PGS Instagram account.

7.  The Instagram page with the most likes/follows by the 6th of the month following will be deemed the “winner” of that month’s contest and the “winner” will be notified of his/her victory.

8.  A winner has two full business days to claim his/her prize. Failure to claim the prize by the deadline may result in the judge electing to select and notify another winner. If that happens, the original winner cannot claim the prize.

9.  The judges’ determinations on entry qualifications and final selection are final and cannot be appealed.

So, what do we win?

We will give away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to the clever Imagination Connoisseur who helps us create the most popular meme for that month.

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