There are always opportunities to win at The Burnettwork

The Burnettwork thrives on community engagement. That means we like to find ways to challenge our friends and fans (our fellow Imagination Connoiseurs) to show their stuff and reward them for the effort. Whether it involves producing a short film for our Intergalactic film festival (the first of its kind), sharing pictures of their action figures on Instagram, recommending movies for reviews – or even writing those reviews themselves … Imagination Connoisseurs are a creative bunch.

And we love celebrating that.

We’re constantly running contests

Interested in getting a bit more involved? Maybe you fancy yourself a writer or a photographer or an illustrator. Or, better yet, you’ve always wanted to try those things but never had a reason to put yourself out there.

Well, now’s your chance.

Here are the contests and competitions we’re currently offering you a chance to win (or at least participate). Some of them have entry fees, some don’t. So take your time and read the rules.

Then show us what you’ve got.


Current contests