Say goodbye to old-man Picard and hello to the dashing, Captain Christopher Pike as the guard changes at the House of Nu-Trek. We’ve got preliminary thoughts on Dr. Strange’s latest outing, a tribute to Waterworld, and a demand that Batman and Deathstroke finally get to square off on-screen. Plus genre entertainment, pop culture, and weird science news from throughout the Post-Geek Singularity with today’s TRANSMISSION.

What a strange week it’s been.

by Mike Bawden

This week has been full of long-awaited arrivals and a significant departure, of sorts. And the Imagination Connoisseurs of the Post-Geek Singularity have had a thing or two to say about it all.

Check out what’s buzzin’ in the PGS Facebook Page …

When it comes to Star Trek, there’s never a shortage of opinions. That holds true for both the departure of season two of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ and the arrival of the premiere season of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’. Here’s what the PGS had to say:

Imagination Connoisseur, Daniel Coyle, offered a rather brief review of the ST:SNW premiere. Fellow connoisseurs joined in on the discussion. Leave your thoughts there too

PGS member, Gordon Keith, let folks know that while he’s not impressed by the writing, the show is a significant improvement over ‘Star Trek: Picard’ and ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’ Anson Mount’s portrayal as Captain Christopher Pike was singled out as a positive.

And Jorge L. Nieves chimed in that he actually liked ST:SNW. Well, there’s a first time for everything, I suppose.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ did not receive the benefit of the doubt from Imagination Connoisseurs, however. The reviews of the concluding episode to season two were uniformly negative:

Roberto Suarez said giving ST:P a 4 rating (out of 10) would be generous. Not everyone agreed with him, but the comments still trended negatively.

Fellow Imagination Connoisseur, Tommy Mårtensson, described ST:P’s shortcomings perfectly: “Despite being a serialised show with a continuous storyline, it feels more random and more disconnected than the old Star Trek shows.”

While PGS Member, Dave Scarpa, noted that Wesley (Wil Wheaton) gives off a “creepy stalker vibe now” … if you think he’s creepy on the episode, don’t try to watch him on the interview/chat shows after each episode. Yuck.

Probably the most hilarious review comes from Antonio Choice-Diaz whose internal dialog while watching ST:P goes something like this: “WTF is this?! WTF are you watching?! …” LOL.

And finally, Imagination Connoisseur Tony Washburn shared the video below which provides a comprehensive review/rant about the season 2 finale …

From “Strange New Worlds” to “Dr. Strange” … and the reviews from PGS Members, while not always glowing, seem fairly well-balanced:

Antonio Choice-Diaz provides a full non-spoiler review and spends a little time explaining where he found problems and contradictions with the story construction.

R.J. Robinson also provides a warning to parents about bringing kids to see it – the movie has a lot of horror elements in it. The violence was discussed in the comments of the thread.

Other movies received some attention, as well. The upcoming George Carlin documentary was discussed again in this post by Imagination Connoisseur, Sean Zink.

Tommy Mårtensson started a new discussion thread on the Kevin Costner classic, WATERWORLD – he highly recommends the “Ulysses Cut” which is 40 minutes longer than the theatrical cut. Yikes.

DCEU enthusiast and PGS Member, Ray J Valero shared a post asking fellow connoisseurs to select one of four DC movie hits to exclude in a game of “One Gotta Go.” And he also shared this post as part of a larger plea for a Batman vs Deathstroke movie.

If you’re a little “over” Batman right now, that’s understandable. Imagination Connoisseur, Tommy Mårtennson might suggest you check out Captain America. This post explains why and how Cap captured Tommy’s interest and is, in his opinion, the only true “superhero” in the entire MCU.

And in a galaxy far, far away …

PGS Member Sean Zink makes an unapologetic post about his admiration for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Chime in and let Sean know what you think about that movie. (But be kind.)

And finally, because yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and, somewhere, somehow, also “Revenge of the Fifth”, I give you this (courtesy of this post from Tommy Mårtensson) …

News from the TRANSMISSIONS online magazine …


That’s it for today.

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