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The Post-Geek Singularity (PGS) is intended to be a community of genre entertainment enthusiasts. That community welcomes both those who are fans and enjoy watching, listening, and discussing their favorite stories; and those who are artists and creators – individuals who dream big dreams and turn them into realities the rest of us can enjoy.

We’ve tried to make it easy for fans and creators to submit work for consideration. Stories and artwork created by Imagination Connoisseurs and then shared with the world through our website, streaming distribution channels, online communities, and social networks can reach tens of thousands of receptive individuals around the world with a single click.

Fans are encouraged to share their most recent drawings or fanfiction with fellow fans. More serious writers and artists can present their work in more appropriate venues to either receive feedback or develop a following on the road.

It’s what friends do for friends and what we want to do for you.

Original content made by fellow Imagination Connoisseurs

Considering sharing your work with others in the Post-Geek Singularity? That’s great.

But please remember we prefer original ideas in whatever form they take. We’re not big fans of seeing the same basic idea from someone over and over again. People who continue droning on about one specific issue or idea become boring.

Please don’t be boring.

Similarly, we’re not interested in blatantly political or overtly religious statements being presented under the guise of genre entertainment. That’s not to say that a politics and religion can’t be examined through our popular culture, in fact some of the very best works of fiction and fantasy do just that.

But if you’re interested in talking politics over plot development, there are plenty of social media spaces and online communities for people who want to debate politics. The same holds for people who want to debate religion and matters of faith.

The PGS is not that kind of place.

Celebrating the things we love

All in all, it’s important to keep in mind that the mission of the Post-Geek Singularity (PGS) is to celebrate the stories, art, and franchises to bring us joy. And we want to share that joy with our friends.

The best place for doing this is on the PGS Online community hosted on our private discord server.

There you will find channels for every genre entertainment franchise that has caught the attention of our Imagination Connoisseurs over the last three years. There are also several additional channels set up around general topics that seem to be of interest and generate fun conversations.

But if you can’t find a place to have a conversation or meet people, contact one of the community moderators by posting a request or message on the #hey-mods channel. They’ll either direct you to the right place or set up a new channel just for you and other interested Imagination Connoisseurs.

Enjoy the fan art and fiction of fellow fans – but please be kind

The PGS celebrates creativity of all kinds

While you’re there, you’re encouraged to initiate new conversations, share your art and stories, and form creative partnerships with other fans and friends. But whether you’re creating something new or looking at some work presented by a fellow Imagination Connoisseur, please remember that the “prime directive“ of the PGS is code of conduct, is to “be kind.“

It’s also the reason why we accept and share work produced by fans based on the franchises and subject matter that inspires them the most. It’s understood, however, that’s such submissions are not monetized. No financial benefit will go to the creator of fan fiction or fan artwork on the PGS website or any of its associated platforms.

Money aside, when you love something as much as an imagination Connoisseur loves his or her favorite television show or movie, earning money with fanfiction is usually the furthest thing from their mind.

New ideas and fresh perspectives are welcome here

Just like our interest and willingness to share work produced by fans that celebrate their favorite franchises, we are also extremely interested in promoting new ideas and fresh perspectives made by creators who are serious about furthering their career in television, film, writing, artwork, music, and acting.

The PGS community, and Rob and Mike in particular, generally offer encouragement and support to creators who might be looking for a broader audience or a fresh set of eyes to evaluate their efforts. That being said, neither Mike, Rob, nor their production company, Imagination Connoisseurs unlimited, LLC (ICU), are able to look at speculative material production consideration outside of the terms of our content partner program.

If you’re interested in doing business on a larger scale with ICU, you should visit the corporate website.

PGS Content Partners have access to open minds and a broader audience

We’re looking for Imagination Connoisseurs to become Content Partners

Over the past three years, a number of Imagination Connoisseurs have proposed new show ideas, podcasts, blogs, and other possible projects as potential collaborations with the Post-Geek Singularity. While we have been enthusiastic in receiving these suggestions (and some of the ideas have been quite good), the reality is that neither Rob nor Mike have enough time to make everything.

For that reason, the PGS offers a Content Partners program that allows screened Imagination Connoisseurs to produce pre-recorded shows, podcasts, store items, or written work (blogs) on either a limited or ongoing basis – and to benefit financially from their effort.

By presenting those projects on the PGS’s network of social communities and streaming platforms, a Content Partner has the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of prospective fans and get paid for doing so.

If you’re interested in learning more about the content partner program, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we can start a conversation.

Send us your pitch!

Do you think you may want to be a content partner? Even if the answer is “no”, you may still have a suggestion for a possible episode of an existing show, or maybe an entirely new show idea altogether.

Either way, we want to hear from you.

Complete the form below and send it in. We will review your proposal and get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Please provide a brief "pitch" for your suggested episode, show, or project. Please limit your pitch to no more than 500 words.
Does “stunt casting” work?

Does “stunt casting” work?

Imagination Connoisseur, ROBB, shares his thoughts on how Star Trek: Discovery handled its casting of Democratic politician, Stacey Abrams, as the president of a united Earth in the show’s finale. Personal politics aside, ROBB seems to feel Star Trek’s producers missed an opportunity to send a message about unity at a time when we could all use it.

Will Superman be returning in 4K someday?

Will Superman be returning in 4K someday?

Long-time PGS Member, Kenny Kraly Jr., writes in to the LET’S GET PHYSICAL MEDIA show to ask for their predictions on the possibility of getting more Superman movies out on 4k Blu-Ray.

On the topic of “Gatekeeping” …

On the topic of “Gatekeeping” …

Imagination Connoisseur, Jason Miller, writes a letter of support for ROBSERVATIONS host, Robert Meyer Burnett, who has recently proclaimed himself the Gatekeeper of Geekdom. Jason shares his experience defending RMB’s joke (made on Twitter) and arrives at an inescapable conclusion that everyone should probably take to heart.

Attention Star Command, there seems to be a problem with Buzz Lightyear

Attention Star Command, there seems to be a problem with Buzz Lightyear

ROADTRIPPIN’ co-hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Mike Bawden respond to letters from listeners proposing a variety of reasons as to why Pixar’s latest animated feature, LIGHTYEAR, didn’t meet expectations during its opening weekend. Was it a result of bad casting, a strained relationship between studios, convoluted marketing or stronger-than-expected competition? No one is sure – but it’s possible the problem runs much deeper than an origin story for an action figure might let on.

How to accept Star Trek now so you don’t go insane!

How to accept Star Trek now so you don’t go insane!

Imagination Connoisseur, Adam Talley, writes in to explain how he now views the Star Trek franchise – a way that acknowledges the “good old days” so many OG fans pine for and the new innovations we’re seeing in stores, online, and in theaters.

Why is Obi-Wan the most boring thing about the Obi-Wan Kenobi streaming series on Disney+?

Why is Obi-Wan the most boring thing about the Obi-Wan Kenobi streaming series on Disney+?

ROADTRIPPIN’ co-hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Mike Bawden discuss the broader implications of a question posed by an Imagination Connoisseur who asks why Obi-Wan Kenobi is such a boring character in his own series. In fact, one could ask why so many Star Wars series seem to be “running in place” and not really going anywhere with characters who don’t seem to be doing all that much. Is there a larger force at work here that no one seems to acknowledge? And where have we heard THAT before?

Does it make sense to remake good movies?

Does it make sense to remake good movies?

ROADTRIPPIN’ co-hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Mike Bawden respond to a letter from an Imagination Connoisseur who asks why Hollywood seems content remaking and re-booting successful movies rather than making movies with “great potential” that might have not met expectations when they were first released to the public. As Rob and Mike point out, there’s a lot more involved in a successful remake than one might imagine.

Rob comes out and admits he’s THE Gatekeeper of Fandom

Rob comes out and admits he’s THE Gatekeeper of Fandom

Co-hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Mike Bawden discuss Rob’s recent revelation that he is, in fact, THE GATEKEEPER OF ALL FANDOM and what Imagination Connoisseurs can now expect of him serving as the judge, jury and adjudicator of all things geeky. Plus interesting letters from fans.

Lots of Star Trek-y goodness on the Interwebs lately

Lots of Star Trek-y goodness on the Interwebs lately

In less time than it takes for a tribble to become a grandparent, here’s a list of the eight most interesting, Trek-related things we’ve found worth sharing with our fellow Imagination Connoisseurs …

Making a case for LIFE after ALIEN

Making a case for LIFE after ALIEN

Imagination Connoisseur, S’wak Props, thinks Ridley Scott could have done much better when it came to making a sequel to his 1979 sci-fi/horror classic, ALIEN. Instead of Scott’s ALIEN COVENANT, S’wak recommends you check out Daniel Espinosa’s LIFE which includes Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds among others in the cast.

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