Advertising and promotional opportunities

The Burnettwork is a new media platform focused on an audience that is often overlooked by advertisers and the brands they promote. Genre entertainment enthusiasts (also referred to as ‘geeks’) cut across all of the major age demographics (teen to late-50s, generally) and have considerable spending power. The Burnettwork’s unique approach to this audience has attracted thousands by providing a friendly, supportive, inclusive approach that encourages engagement.

And that approach is fertile ground for new and re-established brands to gain traction in the hurly-burly world of data-driven, digital marketing.

Following its launch in January of 2019, The Burnettwork has experienced explosive growth (12-15% per month) and the growth curve doesn’t show any sign of letting up soon. Advertisers who partner with The Burnettwork now can lock in to low rates and category exclusivity before larger, more established brands discover the power of the “Post-Geek Singularity.”

All advertising inventory is controlled by The Burnettwork and is not available through any conventional advertising networks (i.e. Google AdSense, Double-Click, etc.).

Contact Mike Bawden for a proposal on how The Burnettwork can be put to work for you.


The Burnettwork currently produces five livestream shows: ROBSERVATIONS; ELYSAVIEWS: WINE-ning ABOUT MOVIES; LET’S GET PHYSICAL MEDIA; and FULLY ARTICULATED. These shows are streaming “chat” shows with the host (or co-hosts) discussing selected topics in a live, conversational format.

Unlike many other shows of similar formats, TBN streaming chat shows usually include letters from fans and viewers as well – giving viewers a voice during each episode.

Show sponsorships can be arranged for as little as $250 per month and sponsorships are limited to no more than two sponsors per livestream. When the livestream sponsorship (which includes both YouTube and audio podcasts) is combined with social media messaging and The Burnettwork Program Guide (our email newsletter), The Burnettwork delivers effectively for advertisers trying to reach the affluent, Imagination Connoisseur market.

One of the unique features offered by TBN to its community is the wide variety of special-interest blogs that are unlike most fan-centric blogs. The Burnettwork provides fans with access to a network of inter-related blogs written by fellow fans and industry experts. Group blogs, like Talkin’ Trek, compile posts from a variety of fans on items of interest concerning their favorite franchise. Dozens of entries for these blogs are received each week, keeping the blog fresh and interesting.

Sponsor-focused content can be built into The Burnettwork’s blog rotation. Sponsored content can also be featured in issues of The Burnettwork Program Guide which are delivered directly to the Inbox of our audience every week.

Starting in 2021, TBN will begin producing special events for its fans. Some will be free events (like the virtual Halloween costume party), some will be exclusive events (for members of the PGS Community through YouTube) and other events will be ticketed as special events available to the public at-large.

Special event sponsorships are available at a variety of levels for each event. Contact Mike Bawden to discuss your specific objectives and a custom sponsorship proposal will be created to build your brand.

Fan engagement is a key element of The Burnettwork business plan. Imagination Connoisseurs are encouraged to participate in a variety of contests and competitions every single day.

Contests are developed based upon prize availability. Sponsors willing to provide product in lieu of cash can be a named sponsor of a specific contest or competitive event. Contact us for more details and to explore possibilities.

The boring stuff …

The Burnettwork is a for-profit business venture owned and operated by Advertising Communications, Inc. (doing business as Brand Central Station).

The day-to-day operation of TBN is handled by The Ludovico Technique and Brand Central Station – companies owned by Burnettwork co-founders, Robert Meyer Burnett and Mike Bawden, respectively. RMB oversees the production of content for the YouTube channel and website, while Mike oversees the business aspects of the venture, manages the website and social media and secures sponsorships.

All financial transactions for The Burnettwork (i.e. membership payments, sponsorship arrangements, endorsements, etc.) are handled through Brand Central Station.