The Burnettwork (TBN) represents a new approach to genre entertainment.

We’ve seen large corporations take control over the entertainment franchises we’ve loved (and they’ve ignored) for generations. And now, in an effort to extract as much profit as possible, fans are seeing the complete deconstruction of many of the properties that were part of our childhoods. Many of these properties served as touchstones to our youths – to days gone by.

And while we understand the drive to maximize the millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars invested in these older properties, we fear that something else is being risked.

The sense of wonder and whimsy needed to keep creating new, fresh ideas today that can be turned into tomorrow’s heroes, adventures and stories that will capture generations to come.

So what do we hope to achieve with The Burnettwork?

New Shows

The Burnettwork currently produces five livestream shows: ROBSERVATIONS; ELYSAVIEWS: WINE-ning ABOUT MOVIES; LET’S GET PHYSICAL MEDIA; and FULLY ARTICULATED. These shows are streaming “chat” shows with the host (or co-hosts) discussing selected topics in a live, conversational format. Unlike many other shows of similar formats, TBN streaming chat shows usually include letters from fans and viewers as well – giving viewers a voice during each episode.

More shows are in the production pipeline, however, which will be pre-recorded and premiered at the same time every week. All shows are also now produced as audio podcasts and distributed through a variety of podcasting services including Apple Podcasts and the Google Play library (among others).

TBN will also produce audio-exclusive content for distribution through the podcasting network. These audio-only projects will cover interest areas beyond genre entertainment and will be introduced to the Post-Geek Singularity in upcoming episodes of ROBSERVATIONS.


One of the unique features offered by TBN to its community is the wide variety of special-interest blogs that are unlike most fan-centric blogs. The Burnettwork provides fans with access to a network of inter-related blogs written by fellow fans and industry experts. Group blogs, like Talkin’ Trek, compile posts from a variety of fans on items of interest concerning their favorite franchise. Dozens of entries for these blogs are received each week, keeping the blog fresh and interesting.

Special Events

Starting in 2021, TBN will begin producing special events for its fans. Some will be free events (like the virtual Halloween costume party), some will be exclusive events (for members of the PGS Community through YouTube) and other events will be ticketed as special events available to the public at-large.


Like many fan communities, The Burnettwork has merchandise available for sale to fans and friends. But unlike those businesses, TBN also has a program to allow fellow Imagination Connoisseurs to create merchandise that can be sold through the store as well (and earn a percentage from every sale).

Select Imagination Connoisseurs will be invited to sell their merchandise, artwork, books, comics, etc. through The Burnettwork’s retail portal as well.


Fan engagement is a key element of The Burnettwork business plan. Imagination Connoisseurs are encouraged to participate in a variety of contests and competitions every single day.


The vitality of the Imaginaton Connoisseur community – something we refer to as the Post-Geek Singularity – that makes The Burnettwork work. It’s affordable and direct access to and engagement with this community of thousands and thousands of fans that is The Burnettwork’s ultimate product to sponsors, partners and fellow fans. TBN social media properties grew over 400% last year and engagement with fans remains a top priority.

The boring stuff …

The Burnettwork is a for-profit business venture owned and operated by Advertising Communications, Inc. (doing business as Brand Central Station).

The day-to-day operation of TBN is handled by The Ludovico Technique and Brand Central Station – companies owned by Burnettwork co-founders, Robert Meyer Burnett and Mike Bawden, respectively. RMB oversees the production of content for the YouTube channel and website, while Mike oversees the business aspects of the venture, manages the website and social media and secures sponsorships.

All financial transactions for The Burnettwork (i.e. membership payments, sponsorship arrangements, endorsements, etc.) are handled through Brand Central Station.